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Your Board Members Are Still Donors

There's this funny thing that can happen when someone becomes a board member. Suddenly, no matter how much they've given or done, a lot of organizations stop seeing them the way they see donors.

They have a new role in your organization, and sometimes we quickly put weight on their shoulders. We start expecting, we stop appreciating.

This is a reminder that your board members are still donors. Sure, the relationship does start to look very different than your average donor relationship. But hopefully, different means better, deeper, more honest and even more grateful. They are now not only giving their finances, but they're giving their time, their heart and their input. Don't forget how valuable these are.

I've seen organizations stop following their stewardship plans with board members. "Oh they're a board member, they don't need to be sent x, y or z." Some would disagree with me, but I think this is a big mistake. A lot of board members will even tell you not to waste your time on sending them things. I am not proposing you spend a bunch of money courting them, but what I am saying is that you should treat them like you do your donors. You should write them thank yous. You should include them in updates. You should care about their personal lives. You should be grateful when they give.

Your board members are still donors. Probably your biggest donors if we're being honest.

If someone has chosen to give to you, to invest their time in your organization, that means something. It means that out of all the causes, and all the other places they could be, they've chosen to be spending time with your organization and giving back to your organization.

Show your board members a little appreciation today!

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