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Mental Health Tips for Development Directors

Y'all, I'm all about supporting people working in nonprofit development. It can be a hard job, and the turnover rates don't lie. It's important to take care of yourself, and set yourself up for success where you can. Here's a few simple tips -

Set realistic goals with your team - being aspirational is great, but it is important in development to set realistic goals so that you can celebrate your growth and not live in constant disappointment. If you feel like the organization has created unrealistic development goals, it may be time for an honest conversation.

Don't negatively compare your organization - there's no way to avoid seeing some of the big check presentations other fellow nonprofits are getting. It's important to celebrate what they're doing, maybe even learn from it, but not to let their wins discourage you.

Practice self-care - I know we all talk about it, but honestly it's so important. Make time to prioritize yourself, do the things that fill you up, and make sure you're getting the sleep you need. Spend time with friends and make sure work isn't consuming your life. You and the nonprofit you serve will be better off in the long run.

Remember God is sovereign - He will provide what we need, and that goes for the nonprofit you work for also. Stop constantly striving, and trust in him. If you feel like you're running on fumes, take time to pray and ask God to show you the steps to take.

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