carlie kuban

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My name is Carlie Kuban and I am the founder of Kuban & Co. I started this company because I am passionate about the nonprofit sector and know that a healthy development office is a key element of a strong organization. 

I believe wholeheartedly that organizations can embrace their development needs in a way that honors their culture and is a life giving function of the organization. I believe that when you are given the tools you need that you can actually enjoy fundraising & growing relationships with your donors.

We have the expertise to work with large organizations wanting to run significant fundraising campaigns as well as the startup nonprofit looking for guidance and training to get started. 

I live in Texas with my wonderful husband & two daughters. I love Jesus and am passionate about others knowing him also. 

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My Why

Through working in the nonprofit sector I saw how challenging it can be for organizations to thrive and become sustainable. A lack of adequate time and resources coupled with undefined or unrealistic goals can be detrimental. When development teams aren't provided the support they need ultimately the organization suffers. ​

Kuban & Co. exists to make quality help accessible to nonprofits. I offer project based support or ongoing dedicated support in a variety of areas. ​