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Carlie Kuban


Founder & Owner


Carlie Kuban is the founder of Kuban & Co. She is passionate about the nonprofit sector and knows that a healthy development office is a key element of a strong organization. Carlie graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She has 10 years of experience working within the nonprofit sector. 

At Kuban & Co. we wholeheartedly believe that organizations can embrace their development needs in a way that honors their culture and is a life-giving function of the organization. Kuban & Co. has the expertise to work with large organizations wanting to run significant fundraising campaigns as well as the startup nonprofit looking for guidance and training to get started. 

Carlie lives in Texas with her husband & two daughters. She loves Jesus and is passionate about others knowing him also. 


Sarah Ripple


Database Consultant

Sarah Ripple is our preferred Database Consultant and brings a wealth of expertise in database management.

Sarah Ripple has worked and volunteered in the Non-Profit sector for over 6 years. She has a natural talent for data organization. After being a database manager for several years in a medium size organization helping women in trafficking, she realized the great need for good database practices to accomplish effective and efficient donor development. Often this is an area of neglect until it becomes a hindrance for the organization. It is her desire to offer her skill set to organizations looking to start off on the right foot or to revamp a failing system so that each organization can do what they do best even better and with less time!

Sarah lives in Texas with her husband and two daughters. Jesus is Lord of her life and her family is her first priority. She loves having the opportunity to share the gifts and talents God has given her with her clients. 

Clean data means better reporting, measurement of goals and impact, and improves stewardship of donors. You can find out more about her services here!

Expertise in the Nonprofit Sector

Our expertise is in the following areas:

Major Gift Fundraising

Annual Campaign Development

Board Training and Engagement

Volunteer Engagement in Fundraising

Digital Campaign Management

Grant Writing

Capital Campaign Management

Organizational Development

Nonprofit Collaboration 

Donor Stewardship

Annual Development Plans

Database Management

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