carlie kuban

My name is Carlie Kuban and I am the founder of Kuban & Co. I started this company because I am passionate about the nonprofit sector & I actually enjoy raising money!

I believe wholeheartedly that organizations can embrace their development needs in a way that honors their culture and is a life giving function of the organization. I believe that when you are given the tools you need that you can actually love fundraising & growing relationships with your donors.

I live in Texas with my wonderful husband & two daughters.

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My Why

Through working in the nonprofit sector for many years I saw how challenging it can be for development team members to thrive and organizations to become sustainable. A lack of adequate time and resources coupled with undefined or unrealistic goals can be detrimental. When development teams aren't provided the support they need ultimately the organization suffers. 

I desire to strengthen, support and help give recommendations to sustain the development offices of small to mid size nonprofits who need a little extra help. 

Kuban & Co. exists to make quality help easily accessible to nonprofits. I will work with your team to determine the support you need. I offer project based support or ongoing dedicated support based on your needs. Let's raise more money together!