Development Planning Services

I will work with your team to build a robust annual development plan. This includes an analysis of current efforts, a plan for unrestricted and/or restricted funding, outline your events, appeals and more. Having a development plan in place ensures your team (both staff and volunteers) are on the same page and understand what the goals and objectives of the organization are. It also helps you stay on track and not get distracted with every new idea that is brought to the table. A development plan is a key tool for any development professional.

Typically this takes 2-3 months to develop, review and finalize. I can work with your team on what your specific needs are. 

stewardship strategy 

Donor stewardship is vital to the long term sustainability of your nonprofit's development efforts. I will work with your team to create a consistent plan for how donors are thanked and engaged. Together we will look at your current stewardship activities and work through an achievable plan. 

Ideally this is created alongside your development plan, but can be created separately. This takes approximately 2 months to develop, review and finalize.

content review  

Messaging for your nonprofit is key. I can help review marketing materials, important blog posts, thank you letter templates, social media and more. I provide an outside perspective on how you are communicating with your constituents, and what you may be communicating unknowingly

development coaching

Development coaching consists of bi-weekly or monthly coaching appointments between myself and your development team member. Typically this is in a one-on-one setting. We will discuss goals, challenges and more. 

Agreements are typically for 6 months. 


campaign management

Our team is fully equipped to help you with your next online fundraising campaign. Find out more here!