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Starting August 13th!


Carlie Kuban is the owner of Kuban & Co. Development Consulting. She has over 10 years of experience working within the nonprofit sector in various areas, primarily focused on fundraising and Capital Campaign management.


She is passionate about the nonprofit sector and knows that a healthy development office is a key element of a strong organization.

Haley Limo is the CEO of Least of These Philanthropy.


After having worked for over six years for a multi-million dollar secular nonprofit learning the art of major gifts, and being the CEO of a pregnancy center, Least of These Philanthropy was formed out of a desire to bring the same type of support to smaller nonprofits from a Biblical perspective.


At Least of These Philanthropy, our desire is to help you fund your mission so you can reach the "least of these."


Meet weekly with Development Consultants Carlie Kuban and Haley Limo, along with other Development Professionals for support, encouragement and training. The cohort will take place virtually, so you can join from wherever you are! 

With the help of our committed program, transform your experience as a development professional in the nonprofit sector. 

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Basic membership allows for up to two team members from your organization to participate. You can also take advantage of our all-access membership. This tier allows unlimited members to join the Cohort for one price. Get the training your team needs!

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August 13 - November 12, 2024 


January 14 - July 8, 2025 (1 week off for Spring Break)


August 12 - November 11, 2025

Year 1 Dates




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